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Rockville Gum Contouring

Shape your gums to perfect your smile

Gum lifts can fix a gummy smile and enhance the look of your smile

A “Gummy smile,” also known as excessive gingival display, refers to a smile that shows more than normal amounts of gum tissue above the top teeth. While gummy smiles rarely negatively affect your oral health, they can reduce your self-confidence. 

At Project Dental, we believe that everyone deserves a smile that they love. With our modern treatment technology, we’re able to remove extra gum tissue safely to “shorten” the gums and give you a smile designed to be your version of perfect. Dr. Jang will work closely with you to recommend treatment and provide a smile you can be proud of.

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Why work with Dr. Jang for gum contouring treatment?


  • Specialized care: Dr. Jang is a board-certified prosthodontist, giving him a unique skill set that allows for consistent successful care.
  • Modern technology: Not all implants and restorations are created equal. We use the best restorative material and products in the industry. 
  • Seamless experience: All facets of the dental implant and tooth replacement process can be performed by Dr. Jang at our office. 
  • Premier results: You deserve a new tooth that will look and feel great. At Project Dental, your new implant will restore your smile to its natural state.

Minimum 5-year warranty on all restorative treatments

We stand behind our restorative work with a comprehensive warranty. If anything happens to your new restoration while following our aftercare procedures, we’ll fix it.

Gum contouring at Project Dental

With gum contouring, we can effectively treat dental issues including receding gums, a gummy smile, or an uneven gum line.

We use the latest technology during gum contouring procedures to ensure successful treatment. During the procedure, we’ll remove gum tissue to contour your gums to the desired shape. For some procedures, we might remove some bone to ensure gum does not come back. No matter what, during treatment, we’ll ensure your mouth is numb and you are as comfortable as can be the entire time.

Getting started with gum contouring

Discuss with you any issues you’ve been experiencing or questions you need answered.

Take x-rays, an Intraoral scan for a digital 3D impression of your teeth, and CT scans if necessary.

Numb your mouth to ensure a comfortable treatment.

We’ll remove the gum tissue and any bone that might be necessary.
You might experience some discomfort for 1-2 weeks after the procedure, but afterward, you will feel fully recovered.

Specialized & Streamlined Care

All your reconstructive treatments, all in one office.

Dr. Jang completed 3 extra years of training at Harvard Dental School to become a board-certified prosthodontist and trusted Rockville gum contouring dentist. This helps him deliver what matters most: modern dental treatments that are reliable, successful, and lead to a lifetime of healthy and natural-looking smiles. 

At our practice, we want to do all we can to cater to your personalized needs. Between our modern treatments, best-in-Rockville warranty, and high-tech and comfortable office, we know that you won’t only be happy with your results, but feel empowered by the treatment process.

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Don’t have dental insurance? We offer an affordable in-house insurance plan with many benefits including free exams, x-rays, and cleanings. It also offers significant discounts on all of our dental treatments.

Disclaimer: Patients should double-check with our staff that their particular plan is currently in-network with Project Dental.

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